Led display!

Got a led display 1 meter wide in the mail from Germany today. Great quality black finish and strong Light. Had to play around with the software for a while, got hooked on catchphrases and pixel graphics. Its only 7 pixels high, so graphics are limited to that looking like old Nokia operator logo or space invaders (actually eight by eight pixels). The brand is not surtain but model is AM03128. Up to 210 characters each sentence and more than 20 sentence storages. It will be at my studio from now, to entertain my coworkers with quotes. By the way, it can play songs too, sounds like a birthday card and is basically meaningless to me.

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5 responses on “Led display!

  1. Hey can u send me the software to the led panal which was delivered with?
    Because i have the same panel but no software to programm it from my pc.

  2. Hello,

    i need a User Manual for the LED Display remote control and the software for the pc, because i have the same panel but i can´t use it without. Sorry for my bad english.

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