RC Plane first day – Art-tech Wing Dragon

My new toy is called Parkflyer, aka Wing Dragon. Its a big but cheap radio controlled airplane for beginners. Yesterday I had my first flight, and after about 10 seconds I crashed in a winter cabin. I felt really stupid and the plane went to pieces. Luckyly I have an additional crash kit with extra propellers, wings and rubber bands, and I could even tape the old wings together! Today I went safer and biked down to a grassed football field. I tried take off from the grass but it wasn’t even enough. Instead I trow the plane by hand while giving full throttle. It worked well and I could gradually decrease the engine, and land in slow speed quite safe. It’s a nice thing that you can turn the engine off completely and just drift in air! Later I put a small camera called Spectra DV camera on the plane no problem to lift for the plane but it might have made it go out of balance.

What I learned:

  • Secure the wheels or take them off if you’re on grass. Mine fell off in air.
  • Start on a big field with soft ground, grass or high vegetation rather than taking off from asfalt or concrete. Smooth landing is more crucial than taking off directly from the ground.
  • Obstacles is your worst enemy. Try to get far away from houses, trees etc.
  • Have enough rubber bands. They will break a lot and sacrify themself for the rest of the planes good. Strong, thick household bands can be used too.
  • Hand-throw at full throttle. (Against the wind of course). Get some altitude. Try to turn engine off and just drift.
  • The plane will straighten itself easily in the air. In case of panic, turn throttle off and focus on elevator control to keep the plane straight.
  • Don’t be afraid of wind, just land straight at low speed.
  • Mind the back wings, the tail can twist.
  • The charger in the kit isn’t very good. Get an automatic, 1-hour charger instead. The battery is standard 8.4 volts.
  • Payload: Flies quize effortless with 180 grams weight (6.34 oz)

Art Tech Wing Dragon out for at first flight

Art Tech Wing Dragon out for at first flight. Never mind the bike.

Spectra DV Camera mounted on the Park Flyer

Spectra DV Camera mounted on the Park Flyer

The plane became a little more hard to control and went out of balance a bit with the camera on. I might have to tweak the camera placement. I would really like to put an Ixus 220 on it, but we’ll se if the plane can take those 150 grams of weight.

Here is me flying (sorry not enough wide angle)

And here’s the on-plane camera:

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