Drill powered bike

Electrical bikes are cool. Not very legal in Norway, but very fun and eco-friendly compared to any gas driven vehicle. Price is a bit steep. How can a bike or cart be modifyed cheaply to run electric? The brilliant answer is battery-powered drill. Rechargeable, small and powerful, possibly even with reverse and power control.
The neat mini-bike is sold as DPX-bike in the US for $695 and runs 24 Km/h (15 mph) and can take you up to approx. 1 km (6 miles). Drill not included. If you want only the essential drill-to bike component, the drive shaft, it can be purchased for $395, then mounted on your bike. Thinking about this, I would like to try fitting the drill in an easier way without any pricey gear. Can a small wheel be attached to the drill, then simply be pressed agains the wheel? What about an electric kick bike? And what about connecting a bigger battery for more stamina?

Kick bike:

This page has a lot of useful info on gears, motors and more. I calculated how I could use this angled drill running on 750 rpm with a 1:3.9 ration gear on a bike to get 25 km/hour!

If I go for the kick bike, I will need a way to mount the angled drill to the wheel directly, then put three 6 volts batteries in series to drive it.

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