My third Quadcopter, the first official

This is my first proper Quad, that I have been shooting a lot of video with last autumn. It has safety-mounted tripod-rods and a camera tilt mechanism, as well as a vibration remover. Here is the result of plenty flying autumn, 2012.

Since I got the horrific Conrad Arf 650 quad last spring, virtually unusable and unrepairable, I decided to make my own from scratch. I took the motors from Conrad and made my own frame from wood, later aluminium. I would recommend 10mm square rods as they are easy to drill and cut. To avoid getting bend rods in a crash, I mount them with zip-ties. The ties take all the beating. The main board is 10×10 cm aluminium and cork sandwitch, to be replaced with a single 5mm plywood plate. The plywood will take a lot of beating and never lose its shape.

The camera I prefer for this is the Canon Ixus 220HS. The camera is small, yet it has full HD video in 24mm wide angle. This a good focal width for good, cinematic shots. A lot of people are using the Gopro fisheye, but I’m not making sportsmovies. The image is transfered to the reciever with a 200mw 5.8ghz video transmitter. Unfortunately the range isn’t very good, about 50-150 meters. The rc control transmitter is going about 400 meters. VIbration dampening was another issue. I ended up fitting a rot to the camera tilt mechanism, attatching the battery in the other end. This is hanging under the quad in thick rubber bands, leaving no vibrations left.

Here are my recommendations after 9 months of diy frame building and testing:

  • Rods: Aluminium, square 10mm
  • Base: 10x10cm plywood, ziptie mounting the rods
  • Vibration dampening: fit the camera and the battery to the same base, mount with short, thick rubber bands to the body. All vibration is gone.
  • Propellers: Dji Naza 10×4.5″. Long lasting, little vibrations.
  • ESC (Speed controllers): 18 or 20A
  • Battery: 3 cell 2200mAh.
  • Remote: the so called 9x. Great value.
  • Video transmitter/reciever: something better than 200mw 5.8 ghz with stock antennas.
  • Motors: 950kv approx. 15A. Currently using these. Very affordable, working good but needs to tigthen bolts regularly. Awaiting these in the mail.

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