Dry vac addon = wet vac

Occasional accidents with wine or cats isn’t enough for investing in a new hoover.  I have an expensive Dyson but thought an add on for collecting water would be a smart and simple DIY project. I picked up two vacuum hoses at flea marked today. On one I fitted a small Dyson nozzle after cutting the tip of the hose off to make the opening a bit wider. The other end was taped using electrical tape to a hole in the side of the bottle, cut with scissors. Another hose was taped to the Dyson hose. Unfortunately the tape has to be removed every time I switch to the bottle solution. Other part of that hose I added some self vulcanization tape. This tape doesn’t need glue, just sticks to itself and makes a rubbery texture perfect for these kinds of project.

Warning! Water can kill your vacuum cleaner instantly. I did get a little spill in the dust tank, meaning this design is experimental. Keep bottle and hose upright all time during cleaning, and check dust bag to be shure no water gets through. I recommend using as long and big bottle as possible, and keep at least 10 cm between water hose and air hose.


The setup. Tape around the bottle is to prevent it to implode. The Dyson nozzle fit without tape because of rubbery hose tip.


Electrical tape holds the hose that goes trough the bottle side. The self vulcanisation tape on the bottle tip seals the connection with the nozzle.


Some goo collected ;)

Preparing the carpet with some random soap soloution.

Preparing the carpet with some random soap soloution.

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