Logitech K400 + Mac Mini

My Pc is still working after 8 years, but I´ve been wanting a Mac mini for quite a few years now. I just love how Mac just works. Besides, Adobe Flash is ruining perfectly good computers that used to work perfectly on any video streaming (with older versions of Flash).

A big reason for getting the Mini is the flexibility,  you can add you own choice of monitor, keyboard etc.  I wanted a tool for photo editing and a home entertainment addon via the Apple TV. The idea was to get a wireless keyboard and mouse, so I could either sit in front of the computer or in the sofa to watch movies. The Apple keyboard and touchpad-combo is nice but a little too big and you will actually need three items; keyboard, touchpad, and a holder to make them stick together. clique_featbk

Thats a pricey combo, so I went with some something else:


The Logitech K400 is a small, inexpensive keyboard with touchpad. It´s wireless and can be tucked away easily.

It comes with a small unifying usb dongle that also connects to other Logitech peripherals like a wireless mouse. So far so good. Its plug and play on the Mac too. The problem is this is still a PC keyboard. There will be no command/apple key visible, it will be replaced by the “windows” key. Normally you would have two command-buttons, not one, and they would be placed next to the space bar on each side.

A little software called double command makes you able to change the routing, or layout of the keyboard.
To get the apple-buttons back I enabled two buttons on double command:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 6.52.20 PM

This will make the option key (now being found next to the space bar) become your apple-key, and the option (aka alt) will be placed niftly left to the command-key. Now you are a bit closer to the old mac layout. To make this visible, I printed some buttons on my Polaroid Pogo sticker printer.

apple klistremerke2


New stickers on.

If anyone has a solution for routing all the buttons even better, please drop a comment below :)

The K400 is perfect for searching clips on Youtube or Vimeo, controlling iTunes or Spotify or browsing the web.
As a tool for writing, I would recommend keeping a full-size keyboard on your desktop. The right shift key is so small, I keep hitting the arrow-up key instad.


Things that just works!

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